Dropouts 16-17


Dropouts 2016-17
Sr. No. Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Type of Disability Address Date of entry No. of completed Years Remarks
1 Vijay Heera Lal 5/Dec/1979 Modrate Mentally Retarted 61, D.C. Colony, Hisar 9/Jul/2006 9.8 Yrs Improved
2 Ritu Sh. Subhash Chander 31/Jul/1994 Mod. Mentally Retarted 29, Gali No.-5,6, Ward-28, Patel Nagar, Hisar 19/Apr/2011 4.11 Y Improved
3 Arvind Sh. Shravan Kumar 11/Oct/2001 Multiple Mild Mentally Retarted H.No.-432, Sector-14, Hisar 5/Sep/2012 3.5 M Improved
4 Mannu Sh. Suresh Klumar 26/Jul/1998 Mild Mentally Retarted #-88C, New Rishi Nagar, Hisar 10/Dec/2013 2.3 Y Improved
5 Jyoti Sh. Subhash Chander 9/Nov/2000 Mild Mentally Retarted #-4, Gali No.-3, Patel Nagar, Hisar 7/Jul/2014 1.8 M Improved
6 Sourabh Sukhbir 7/Jan/2008 Mod Mentally Retarted Vpo-Bhani Amirpur, Narnound, Hisar 2/Aug/2016 2 M Improved
7 Sourabh Gupta Ajay Gupta 21/Jan/2000 Mod to Mild Mentally Retarted #-12, Near Citi Thana Road, Opposite Patwari Bhawan, Hisar 15/Mar/2016 1 M Improved