New Additions 16-17


New Additions (1st April 2016-17)
Sr. No. Name Father’s Name D.O.B. Sex Type and % Severity of Disablity Address Date of entry Completed years Remarks
1 Mahipal Ram Singh 26/Dec/2003 M Mentally Retarted (Severe) Vpo-Satrod, Hisar 25/Apr/2016 11 M Improved
2 Ankit Balwan 18/Dec/1992 M Mentally Retarted (Severe) #-27, SBE, Near Police Chowki, Hisar 21/Apr/2016 11 M Improved
4 Aman Sh. Anil Kumar 6/Apr/2006 M Mentally Retarted (Mild) #-78, Kamiri Road, Hisar 5/Feb/2016 10 M Improved
5 Yash Goel Rakesh Kumar 9/Oct/2008 M Mentally Retarted (Severl) #-563, Housing Board, Sirsa Road, Hisar 5/Feb/2016 10 M Improved
6 Jayant Nathu Ram 18/Dec/2007 M Mentally Retarted (Moderate) Railway Colony, Hisar 14/Jul/2016 8 M Improved
7 Gorav Ashok Kumar 17/Nov/2007 M Mentally Retarted (Modrate) Shiv Colony, Exam Center 7/Jun/2016 8 M Improved
8 Deepak Dharam Pal 26/Mar/1997 M Mentally Retarted (Severe) #-1512, Sector-9-11, Hisar 7/Nov/2016 8 M Improved
9 Sanchit Sunil Kumar 17/Nov/2008 M Mentally Retarted (Severe) Vpo-Siwani, Hisar 8/Apr/2016 7 M Improved
10 Anish Surender 1/May/2006 M MR (Moderate) Dhani Jatan (224) Mangali, Hisar 8/Mar/2016 7 M Improved